Happy Steps Winner of All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award 2012

Happy Steps is delighted to be a holder of this Quality Award – it is awarded by Early Childhood Ireland to recognise high standards in childcare and early education.

Happy Steps staff receive their All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award, March 2012
The award is reviewed every three years when the process must be re-visited and the award re-applied for.

On Saturday 24th March 2012 childcare services from the Republic of Ireland joined their colleagues in Northern Ireland, to receive the All Ireland Centre Of Excellence Award. This took place at a gala dinner, in the Culloden Estate and Spa, Belfast.

Childcare services who became involved with the award programme were supported and advised by the Early Childhood Ireland specialists for their area. They received individual, intensive mentoring, as well as help identifying training needs and the recommendation of relevant course options. The childcare provider and staff team then used the Self Evaluation Profile to assess the quality of their service, in consultation with the Early Childhood Ireland Specialist, through site visits, staff meetings, and telephone support, prior to applying for the validation visit. If the service met the criteria of the programme, following a validation visit, the successful applicants receive “The All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award”.

The award demonstrates to parents, visitors and members of the public a commitment to quality and success in implementing and maintaining consistently high standards of excellence.





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Winner of the All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award 2012

Winner of the All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award - Early Childhood Ireland