Baby Child Care

Baby Childcare

6 - 12 months

Settling in

When you bring your baby to join us at Happy Steps you will be introduced to your baby’s key-worker and the rest of the team in the Baby Room. They will use their knowledge and skills to respond to the needs and emotions of your baby. At this age and stage of development our aim is to make your baby feel loved and emotionally secure and cared for. The ratio of adults to babies at this age is 1 adult to 3 babies.

Child Centred

Your child’s key-worker will plan to build on your baby’s individual stage of development and your baby will be encouraged to use his/her senses to explore his/her surroundings. Our staff will select and offer as many appropriate, safe, enjoyable learning experiences as possible. Your baby will be encouraged to reach their first important milestones (rolling over, sitting unaided, crawling, etc.) in this first year.

You will often see our practitioners on the floor – this is because we believe in getting down to the child’s level as much as possible – to interact with them and to see the world from their perspective. Our baby rooms are specially designed to offer space and freedom for movement as well as cosy areas and interest areas such as treasure baskets, pull-along toys or stacking toys.

Each child is catered for as an individual
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Free play – supporting choices

“Free play” is a word we use to describe when the children are free to choose their own toys and play in the room e.g. sitting by the shelving unit choosing things to examine, or crawling around the room, or lying on a mat with some toys. Practitioners play with & encourage the children to roll balls & push cars, to use their pincer grip to pick up items, to use logic to stack cups, to press buttons, to put things in & out of baskets etc.

Our curriculum is based on Aistear, the national early years curriculum framework, which focuses on four key areas of early learning and development:

  • Exploring & Thinking
  • Communication
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Wellbeing
Care Routines

During the settling-in phase we will ask you about your child’s routines, preferences and habits so that we can design a daily routine which meets your child’s needs. This will include meal times, bottle times, nappy changes, sleep times etc.

We provide a separate Sleep Room for babies and wobblers to take their naps in with designated cots and individual linen. We ask you to send in your child’s bottles and early foods during weaning until such time as they are ready to start on our menu. We will work with you on this, making the transition gradually.

Our menu changes weekly and all meals are made on the premises by our Cook using local producers as much as possible. Our menu offers a varied, tasty and nutritious range of meals and snacks.

Working in partnership with parents

Partnership with Parents

We work closely with parents at all times and welcome your input and feedback so that we can work together to offer the very best learning opportunities and outcomes to all children in our care.

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