Child Care for Toddlers

2 - 3 years

Choice-based play and learning

We aim to support and guide the development of each child through play experiences based on the interests of the child. The Toddler room is divided into distinct play areas to support learning and development:

  • Quiet corner/Book Corner: for story time, song time, rhyming time or chat time. The children can also choose to go here if they wish to take a break and chill out for a while.
  • Home corner: this replicates the home with kitchen units, dolls to feed and bathe, shop equipment, personal grooming items, pretend phones etc.
  • Messy Play: the easel for painting, sand tray, water tray.
  • Construction:blocks, bricks, Lego etc
  • Puzzles & table-top activities: lots of varieties of puzzles and games which help extend a child’s focus and concentration
  • Arts and crafts: gluing, sticking, cutting, glitter, paint, foam, coloured card etc.
Each child is catered for as an individual
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Developing social skills

The Toddler age group is rapidly expanding their vocabulary, independence, mobility, gross motor skills and extending their social network to include other children in their play (“participative play”). This is a change from before, as younger children tend to play alongside each other but not together (“parallel play”). Lots of free play allows them to engage in pretend play and role play together. We introduce the concepts of tidying up, personal hygiene (hand washing, toileting etc), sharing with each other and respecting and listening to each other.

Learning Experiences

Outdoor play provides a great opportunity to develop large muscle control and gross motor skills as well as an opportunity to build friendships further and explore nature through gardening activities. Back indoors, the children will be given opportunities to develop fine motor skills with threading, puzzles, painting, chubby crayons, play dough etc. We also see the start of role play and dress up at this age – Mammies, Daddies, Doggies, fairies and so on. Role play encourages social skills and is a good opportunity to develop language skills.

Our curriculum is based on Aistear, the national early years curriculum framework, which focuses on four key areas of early learning and development:

  • Exploring & Thinking
  • Communication
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Wellbeing
Working in partnership with parents

Partnership with Parents

We work closely with parents at all times and welcome your input and feedback so that we can work together to offer the very best learning opportunities and outcomes to all children in our care.

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