Child Care for Wobblers

12 - 24 months

Developing independence

This age-group are become more physically active and enjoy more adventurous activities like outdoor play, climbing, pushing and pulling wheeled toys. It is also a time of rapid growth in language and communication skills.

They demonstrate more independence, normally shown by a desire to do more by themselves such as feeding themselves. This is encouraged at this age with children being given their own junior cutlery and by seating them at low tables so that meal time is also a social occasion.

Learning Experiences

We have an emergent curriculum in line with best practice and we offer play and learning experiences based on children’s interests. Our curriculum is underpinned by Aistear, the national early years curriculum framework, which focuses on four key areas of early learning and development:

  • Exploring & Thinking
  • Communication
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Wellbeing
Each child is catered for as an individual
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Play & Explore

“Messy Play“ such as sand and water play provides the opportunity for children to explore safely the properties of nature and tactile materials and to experience their calming effects while encouraging sensory awareness. It is a fun and enjoyable experience for the child and a good time to get messy, for example sand play, water play, gloop and mud kitchen play! The children also start to engage with arts and crafts and they love to express themselves and make their mark using different materials such as paint, crayons or chalk

Working in partnership with parents

Partnership with Parents

We work closely with parents at all times and welcome your input and feedback so that we can work together to offer the very best learning opportunities and outcomes to all children in our care.

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